Glossy Girl works at the most fashion fast weekly Glossy!

3 Mar

Glossy Girl works at the most fashion fast weekly Glossy!

From Glamour to Grazia… what’s the difference? I was expecting a similar format but instead it was full of surprises.

Grazia, part of Bauer Media, is a fast and fashionable weekly mag that prides itself to be the first to hear about fashion. So what a perfect time to do work experience with them but London Fashion Week!

On arrival at the huge offices on Shaftsbury Avenue in London, the nerves hit me and outfit doubts took over. After a few outfit changes that ended up as a ‘floordrobe’, I went for a simple black skinny jean my trusty brogue heel boots and a sheer white blouse underneath a tailored black blazer. Perfect office attire and hopefully good enough for Grazia Advertising and Creative team!

After meeting their very stylish Associate Media Director I was given a tour of the huge office that not only included Grazia but More! Heat, Closer and FHM. What more could I ask for!?

I was allocated a few jobs and invited to a fabulous event launching their AMAZING new Fashion Issue. The event was held in Soho the next morning at a beautiful hotel, filled with champagne and breakfast treats. Grazia showed the clients at the event the Grazia LIVE film of the Editorial team creating their biggest ever issue. It was great to meet lost of people in the industry and have an insight behind the glossy pages and the gorgeous advertorials we see gracing our magazines.


Check out how amazing the flowers were, goodie bags and life size Grazia letters at the event!!

After week one I was well and truly ‘magged’ out! Bringing home all of Bauer’s magazine, the tube journey home flew by.  I was looking forward to my second week especially as I was assisting at a shoot for the magazine as well as attending a few meetings with Director of Creative Solutions Amanda, such a lovely lady and she taught me lots about the ins and outs of a creative pitch and presentation to create promotion pages within Grazia.


I was SO excited to be the first to see their Fashion Issue ( 1 Day Early!!) and the following weeks gorgeous issue hot off the press!

The shoot held at Lemonade Factory (such a fab name!) was brilliant. Between the stylist and the make-up artist, to the producer and director the models looked beautiful and the shots were perfect. The promotion shoot was for Gok Wans new glassesrange with specsavers… I was found more than once trying on the new specs!


Grazia were lovely and after the last few weeks I feel well and truly ready for my next glossy experience! Next week: Instyle and Marie Claire!


When Madonna says “WOW” you know it’s gotta’ be good.

18 Feb

When Madonna says “WOW” you know it’s gotta’ be good.

‘It takes a lot to impress Madonna’ was top of the list in Grazia Magazine’s weekly “10 Hot Stories’ following Madge’s Super Bowl performance last week. Grazia’s Angela Buttolph filled a few of the magazines glossy pages with an exclusive interview Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. Lucky for us Grazia got the exclusive on Madonna’s AH-MA-ZING Cleopatra inspired Givenchy gowns that literally bowled over viewers at the American event.

The golden cloak that Madonna entered the stage was without a doubt the ultimate show starter and according to Grazia, weighed the amount of a newborn baby! It was beautiful. Madonna head-to-toe in gold was a sight to be seen, exactly what you would expect from the Queen of Pop. The lucky 53 year old wore not one but three incredible outfits designed by Tisci on the night. The haute couture pieces made my piggy bank tremble as Madge not only looked like a million dollars but apparently the outfits’ price tags weren’t far off that exact six figure! Only in America some would say, but was it worth it?

As a fashion dreamer and drama queen all rolled into one, the thought of unique Givenchy stage style made me love sick. I will eat, sleep and think about a Cleopatra cape until I get one… or attempt it at a Madonna fancy dress! Grazia claims Madonna herself was pretty impressed by the designs (does that mean we share the same taste!?). A ‘WOW’ from Madonna’s lips confirmed the pure fabulousness of the designs, and probably made Tisci’s heart skip a beat!

Riccardo Tisci should be proud of his royal achievement, especially as his Cleopatra designs even included some embellished knickers for the one and only Egyptian Pop Princess! Described quite rightly as “couture chic” in Grazia’s article… I would love a pair of those!

The question remains, is Madge still our Queen of Pop or are acts like Lady GaGa beginning to challenge her rein? I think that Madonna still has a lot to give and I want to see her gracing our glossy pages in our fashion and beauty bibles for a long time. Everyone with me?


Pure Through A Camera…

18 Feb

Pure Through A Camera…


Gorgeous looks from the Young Fashion S/S ’12 fashion show

How stunning are these sheer fabrics and floral sheer prints? LOVE. If this is a sneak peek into what we will be wearing, I want it now!!

If only I could pull this look off…. x

Just a few snaps of Pure :) Jx

Glossy Girl does Pure…

14 Feb

Glossy Girl does Pure…

Thanks to a wonderful new online fashion site WANT HER DRESS ( – worth a visit!) I managed to bag myself an invite to Pure London – The fashion buying destination in the UK! Home to big names, niche brands and launching collections – the perfect place to see A/W 12 styles and up and coming trends. For me however, the ultimate window-shopping!

Wandering through any girls dream maze of gorgeous clothes and accessories, all bursting with colours and teasing my fashion taste buds I was starting to get a feel of the A/W 12 trends and some lovely S/S must haves!

I went to a talk by WGSN, the leading online fashion trend-analysis and research service, where they presented the different trends of A/W 12. SO interesting and something that will help any fashion disaster! According to WGSN, styles Eco Hedonism, Radical Neutrality and Hyper Culture are the main fashion requirement! You are probably thinking, what does all that mean!? Which I was too, so I took some notes (you can thank me later!)

  • Eco Hedonism:  Basically an economical pleasure-seeking outfit! Sounds very good to me. Concentrating on the textures of outfits, i.e. feathers and sequins and sheer fabrics…. Lovely.
  • Radical Neutrality: Revolutionary neutrals; thinking about shape and silhouettes. Harsh A-Lines and making a statement with shapes and anti-fit pieces.
  • Hyper Culture: From metallic fabrics to sport and hippy chic! What a combo!

WGSN has saved us all a lot of research into this years trends and I love them. Eco Hedonism sounds right up my street, especially the ‘Eco’ part seeing as the un-employed part of my striving career is yet to blossom!

Pure is a great place to check out everything needed to fill your wardrobe and a sneak peek into the most fashionable is always a pleasure! Thank you Pure and Want Her Dress! Pictures to follow…


A GLAMOURous Glossy Update…

8 Feb

A GLAMOURous Glossy Update…

University, why do you end so soon?! It’s taken me months to decide what it is I want to do with my Drama degree and it hasn’t come easy. However, it is fun putting a BA Hons after my name!

After returning from travelling Mexico and then a quick visit to Italy I struck gold and became the luckiest magazine reader ever to flick GLAMOUR’s glossy pages, as I was going to be grazing the glossy in Head Office itself! Yes, the magazine of the era invited me to do a few weeks work experience, wow.

The first thing that entered my mind was the classic girly question – ‘what the heck do I wear?’ After hours, practically days, of visioning an outfit I combined a gorgeous yellow shirt with black leather-look jeans, which answered my wardrobe woes. I felt classy but cool and teamed with a pair of suede shoe boots I walked/tottered down the streets of Mayfair in London feeling good, much to my despair not quite mimicking Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw… one day.

My two weeks with the No.1 magazine was brilliant from start to finish, the girls were SO lovely and after meeting the Publisher, Associate Publisher and crossing paths with Editor Jo Elvin while pouring a cup of tea in the kitchen, I had officially fallen in love with GLAMOUR HQ – not to mention Kelly Rowland’s visit which resulted in a huge delivery of Nando’s (don’t ask!).  This is where my appetite for magazines began and I knew this is my dream job; even the commuting became worth it, just to sit at my desk and soak in every last bit of GLAMOUR.

Since then I have been hastily chasing a magazine career applying to ALL the fashion and beauty glossy’s for some work experience and luckily have landed a few Fashion and Beauty bibles! First up Grazia Magazine! (To be blogged about soon!)

Need advice to get into these Glossy’s? Just don’t give up and you will find that things do pop up, hard work will eventually be rewarded, it just may take a while. You have to kiss many frogs… (work wise!)


If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent their growing.” – Coco Chanel


“All You Need is Trust and A Little Bit of Pixie Dust…”

5 Feb

As a recent graduate from University, being set free into the infamous ‘real world’ with a Drama degree is without doubt the start of an adventure. I have a feeling it’s one where a little bit of magic is necessary to fire up the job-hunting journey!

After a couple of months full exciting experiences and glossy gossip, a little encouragement from Benefit Cosmetics Make-up and Trend artist Lisa Potter-Dixon, an exciting eccentric and absolute sweet heart, meant the founding of my blog – Glossy Girl; A beauty/fashion/life blog by a kinda’ unemployed makeup addict and fashion dreamer.

Although the word unemployed seems to screeeaaam boring, it’s in fact the contrary. From the moment I was handed my degree certificate and posed for the terribly cringe-worthy photograph/#picturethatwillhauntmefortherestofmylife, wearing the mortarboard hat that would make even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s face look like Matt Lucus’ my view changed. I new that university was no longer ‘Never Never Land’ and Peter Pan was never going to be my name; more like Jess… 22, born and raised in Essex with two scouse parents, sister and a dog.

To be totally honest entering into the blogging craze didn’t even cross my mind! So this blog is a little experiment! While trying to break in to the fabulous Magazine world, I plan to blog all things beauty and fashion while reviewing the glossy pages of a modern girls’ Bible!

Thank you for reading through my first attempt at ‘blogging’ do bare with me, and believe it or not, even an unemployed drama queen has got some exciting things to share.


Come with me where you’ll never never have to worry about grown up things again.” – Peter Pan … I wish!